July 2014

I just watched a great BBC television programme about clouds. The scientists measured a small cloud and found it weighed 4 tons. Apparently, cumulo-nimbus clouds, which are the greatest water-bearers […]

Only 3,802 more steps to go today until I reach the arbitrary goal of 10,000 steps. There are lots of technical aids to health and fitness and you can see […]

I’d always thought if you wanted to describe how lightning moved across the sky, ‘zigzagged’ would be a good word – until last Friday. Illustrations of storms usually show jagged, […]

Do you find like me, that greetings and farewells can be a social mine field? From a very young age, I remember the faces of real aunts and uncles (as […]

It’s been puzzling me for a while now. How could I possibly be accidentally ‘liking’ my own posts on my own website? Well, I certainly hadn’t done it deliberately but […]