July 2014

What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time? That’s me on the left, with my Auntie Ann. What would I have told myself if I’d […]

Many thanks to the people who have taken the time to make comments and rate ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’ on Amazon.co.uk. So far, I’ve had two and they’ve both […]

It seems to be getting a bit of a habit but each morning this week, I’ve woken at just after 3.00am and heard the first bird sing. But this morning, […]

Monday was a day full of bees. We went to the RHS Garden at Wisley and of course, there were plenty of insects and butterflies and of course – bees. […]

‘St. Swithun’s day if thou dost rain For forty days it will remain St. Swithun’s day if thou be fair For forty days ’twill rain nae mair.’ It’s St. Swithin’s […]

Yesterday, the Sunday Musings Blog on the Muse It Up Publishing website discussed expectations. Specifically, what each blogger expects of themself as a writer. Check out what the authors wrote […]

Before yesterday, I don’t think I’d really taken the time to distinguish between character and personality but at Bible Study yesterday morning, we looked at a little of what Paul […]

Wouldn’t you just love a pair of wings? I’ve photographed St. Nicholas Church, Laindon with Dunton from many angles, both inside and out. I’ve been up on the scaffolding which […]