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30th October 2014
by Dawnknox
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Short but Sweet by Reg – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Hi, Reg here. The Old Girl has had another flash fiction piece published on the CafeLit site, which you can see here.¬† It’s called The Betrayal and is a story told in one hundred words. Short but sweet. And I … Continue reading

28th October 2014
by Dawnknox
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Where is This? – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Having read Reg’s diatribe against sand a few days ago, I suddenly remembered these photos. Guess where they were taken? On a beach, obviously. But where? Somewhere on the coast? No, these photos were taken on the South Bank, London. … Continue reading

22nd October 2014
by Dawnknox
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Reg on Beach Property – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Hi, Reg here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t trust sand. It’s nasty creeping stuff that gets in to places it’s no business being. So I was amazed to find these properties on the beach … Continue reading

19th October 2014
by Dawnknox

Sunday Musings for 19th October – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Sunday Musings for 19th October¬† – What book scared you? Why and How? Yup, it’s October. People like and don’t like Halloween for a variety of reasons. So we’re digging into that fear. So, why did it scare you? And … Continue reading

17th October 2014
by Dawnknox

Reg’s New Friends – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

One of the wonderful things about travel, is meeting people and making new friends. It’s interesting trying to see things from other people’s perspective. For instance, I met this this native American Indian on the beach front at Torrevieja, Spain. … Continue reading

15th October 2014
by Dawnknox
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Reg, the Cave Dog – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

You might think from the title, I’d been pot holing but actually, my experience of cave exploration was much more civilised. I was in San Miguel de Salinas, near Torrevieja, Spain when I came across some troglodyte houses and more … Continue reading