Battle of Passchendaele

Passchendaele Whisper it. Doesn’t it sound like a gentle breath of wind? But in August 1917 there was nothing gentle about it. Not when shells were dropping into the quagmire, […]

Bridge House Publishing Book Launch

Bridge House Publishing hosted a book launch of several books, including GLIT-ER-ARY and BEST OF CAFELIT 2016, on Saturday 02 December 2017 in The Princess of Wales pub near Camden, […]

Talking Stories on East London Radio

I recently contacted Tony Cranston from Talking Stories on East London Radio. I’d seen an article about him in ‘The Woman Writer’, the Society of Women Writers and Journalists quarterly […]

Lest We Forget in 2017

Lest We Forget. How might a soldier have felt knowing that he had exactly one year left to fight in the First World War? Here are some thoughts: One More […]

In Praise of Unity

In Praise of Unity. I’m all in favour of diversity but it seems so sad when differences get in the way of us respecting each other. Here’s something that occurred […]

Extraordinary book cover

An Extraordinary Launch. So, my third book is out. Years ago, I’d never have suspected that I’d have one book published, so I’m rather chuffed at the moment! EXTRAORDINARY is […]

Poster with 'You're too Late' told in 100 words

You’re too late… Is there anything sadder than hearing that? Perhaps… but it must rate highly for sadness. You’re too late. So final. Too Late ‘You’re too late.’ Is there […]