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A Bit Fit – #MuseItUp

fitbit readout on iPhone

Just been to the gym and I’ve got some way to go until I reach 10,000 steps

Only 3,802 more steps to go today until I reach the arbitrary goal of 10,000 steps.

There are lots of technical aids to health and fitness and you can see which one I’ve got from the image.

It’s not foolproof as it doesn’t register time spent on a bike as active minutes but nothing is perfect!

It’s amazing how many things it can detect though, including how long I slept and if I were to enter the correct information, it would show me weight change and how many calories I’ve eaten. But I’m not that dedicated!

I wonder if one day gadgets will be able to log our happiness levels, how positive we’ve been, how truthful, friendly, kind… I’m not sure whether that will be an intrusion or an aid to happiness.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible to be fit and healthy without any sort of gadget and years ago, the technology didn’t exist. But perhaps the technology we have today is the reason we are less fit, with cars and televisions, which keep us sitting down, despite the speed at which everything takes place.

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