Welcome to my site about writing, stories, books and anything else that occurs to me.

I’m Dawn.

Wife, mother, writer, photographer and little person.

Oh, and well done for finding me!

I’m not hiding. I’m just small.

But size isn’t everything.

Although, I wish I had a bit more of it.

There’s something very undignified about being able to tuck yourself under someone’s armpit.

And when you’re not much bigger than a garden gnome, trying to look someone in the eye is tricky, as their nostrils get in the way.

So, as you can’t see me on this WordPress site, I’m going to pretend I’m LARGE and in all probability,  you won’t know that if I met you in real life, I’d be looking up your nose.

And that’s the beauty of writing. My words don’t have to be delivered in person by me, whilst staring up your nostrils. They can just lie here in wait, until you drop by. And if you get the impression I’m tall and willowy – well, that’s a bonus.

So, there will be plenty of words – you can be sure of that.

And I promise not to look up your nose.

So far, I’ve had two books published. My first book was DAFFODIL AND THE THIN PLACE, published in 2014. If you’re interested, you can get it as an ebook from the Muse it Up Publishing site here at Muse It Up and it’s available from other ebook retailers. You can also get it in paperback format from Amazon, here at Amazon.

Daffodil and the Thin Place 300dpi

My second book is THE GREAT WAR 100 STORIES OF 100 WORDS HONOURING THOSE WHO LIVED AND DIED 100 YEARS AGO was published in 2016. You can get it as a paperback and ebook here at Amazon.


And if you fancy short but quirky stories, you’ll find quite a few on my stories page here there’s no charge. Free stories – now who can argue with that?

P.S. From time to time my retirement mascot, Reg, takes over my blog and does his own thing. You’ll know when he’s hijacked my site because he always starts with ‘Reg’s Dlog (Well, what else would you call a dog’s blog?)’

Photos below are of Reg, Me and a friend. See if you can spot who is who.

140522Bali1 me3 photo(23)


  1. Heather G

    I’m to very big either. Good things come in small packages. Like dynamite, we can still make our presence known.
    Heather G – The Natasha Saga


  2. My brother-in-law is 6’4″. So’s my nephew. 2 of my substitute brothers were 6’+. One of my best friends in college, Big Bill, was 6’8″ and weighed a very muscular 400lbs. My ex-son-in-law is 6’2 or taller.

    So at 5’8″, I’ve had my share of looking up at people’s nostrils.

    And welcome to the blogosphere, Dawn!


    1. Welcome to my world of nostrils! And thanks for the welcome to the blogosphere. It’s been a long time coming!

    1. Dawnknox

      Thank you so much, Neil. I’m really touched that you bothered to put your review on your blog and absolutely thrilled with your review! Thank you


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