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Dawn Knox – A rearranger of words into something hopefully meaningful…


Coming on August 1st 2020 – WILD SPIRIT (Linford Romance Library) – a love story set before and at the beginning of World War Two.

Touched by Two Wars
Touched by Two Wars

Published on March 1st 2020 – TOUCHED BY TWO WARS (Linford Romance Library) – a love story set in France and Essex during and between the two world wars.
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The Basilwade Chronicles artwork
The Basilwade Chronicles

THE BASILWADE CHRONICLES – (Chapeltown Books) The Basilwade stories were originally published on the CaféLit website, where you can access short stories that go nicely with a cuppa. We even suggest a drink! Dawn Knox’s stories contain characters and situations that may seem a little larger than life at first glance but we can soon see that everyone involved is very human. And don’t we all recognise the quirkiness of village/small-town life?

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A Touch of the Exotic book cover
A Touch of the Exotic

A TOUCH OF THE EXOTIC – (Linford Romance Library) – From India to war-torn London to a grand estate in Essex, Samira’s life is one of rootlessness and unpredictability. With her half-Indian heritage, wherever she goes, she’s seen as ‘exotic’, never quite fitting in despite her best efforts. To add to her troubles, her beauty attracts attention from men that she’s not sure how to handle. But when she falls for handsome RAF pilot, Luke, none of her charms seem to work, as it appears his heart is already bestowed elsewhere…

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Welcome to Plotlands book cover
Welcome to Plotlands

WELCOME TO PLOTLANDS – (Linford Romance Library) – 1930: Joanna Marshall lives with her beloved mother in the household of her somewhat less-beloved aunt, who wishes the pair of them gone. When her mother dies, a grief-stricken Joanna sees an opportunity to escape – Ma’s title deed to a rural patch of land. Welcomed into the Plotlands community, Joanna begins to make a new life for herself, and meets handsome solicitor Ben Richardson. But he wouldn’t be interested in an ordinary girl like her…would he?

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Extraordinary book cover

EXTRAORDINARY (Bridge House Publishing) – From the furthest reaches of the universe, to the inside of a cardboard box, assorted characters play deadly games with their victims while others play practical jokes on angels or dirty tricks on aliens. Some have good intentions, others are scoundrels and a few are truly evil – but all of them are EXTRAORDINARY.

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The Great War book cover
The Great War

THE Great War: 100 STORIES, OF100 WORDS, HONOURING THOSE WHO LIVED AND DIED 100 YEARS AGO – Finalist in three book awards.

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Daffodil and the Thin Place book cover
Daffodil and the Thin Place

DAFFODIL AND THE THIN PLACE (Muse it Up Publishing) – Young adult book

One simple yawn is all it takes for teenager, Daffodil Lane to unknowingly breathe in a wandering soul and swallow it, trapping it in her stomach. To the rest of the world, the soul sounds like a rumbling tummy but horrified Daffodil hears a voice insistently demanding to be released. 

She travels back more than 100 years in an attempt to rid herself of the voice and to reunite it with its body but the repercussions of her journey reverberate through the years, affecting the lives of people in both the Victorian times and the 21stCentury. 

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