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Colour Confidence – #MuseItUp

Red house in Italian village in the mountains

Red house in Italian village in the mountains

It must take a lot of confidence to pick a colour for your house like the red or the green on the left.

And I lack that sort of boldness which is a shame because I’d quite like to make my mark, colourwise. But I think if I chose that red or that green, it would look completely wrong on my house. I’m so timid with colour, I agonise over the shade of cream we’ll use – is it too pink or too yellow? Too bland, too dark?

But the houses on the left seem to work. Perhaps some houses can carry it off or perhaps it just comes down to the eye of the beholder.

Do you have a colourful house? Would you like one but lack the confidence? What sort of colour scheme would you go for if you had the chance?

The red house on the left is in a village in the north of Italy and apparently, is owned by a painter who paints houses for a living, so perhaps his house is more of an advert. The green one below is in Tomohon, in North Sulawesi and I don’t know why the owner chose such a colour. Perhaps he or she likes to stand out although there was so much lush vegetation in Tomohon, perhaps the owner thought it was camouflaged!

Daffodil hates standing out in my ebook, ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’ which is unfortunate with a name like Daffodil! Lucky the outfit she’d chosen for the wedding didn’t make her stand out too much – well, not as much as a short skirt might have done! Find out more here on the Muse It Up Publishers website #MuseItUp

Green house in town in North Sulawesi

Green house in town in North Sulawesi




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