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Escaping Cacti Part 2 – #MuseItUP

Cactus with long growth and new extension

This cactus must be desperate to get into the garden.

After posting yesterday that my mutant cactus was trying to escape, I had a closer look last night to check its progress and I’ve discovered the plant is mutating again. There’s a second lobe that’s grown decidedly longer than when I last looked and it appears to be attempting to join the other escapee. I’ve marked it with an arrow in the photo.

And not only that, but a different cactus seems to have developed, what on first sight seemed to be a pair of antennae, but on closer inspection, turned out to be flowers (see photo below). Very exciting as it’s the first time that it’s flowered but disappointing in that they can hardly be considered the usual showy blooms that I associate with cacti. In fact, if I hadn’t been looking for runaway cacti, I suspect I might not have noticed them at all.

Not at all like daffodils, which are one of my favourite flowers and definitely can’t be overlooked. I wait impatiently for their cheery blooms each spring. And speaking of daffodils, if you ‘d like to read about one particular Daffodil, why not click here and go to the Muse It Up Publishing website to order ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’. #MuseItUp


Tiny flowers blooming on cactus

Cactus waving its ‘antennae’ or perhaps they’re flowers