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Hacked! By My Mum!

Thumbs up!


It’s been puzzling me for a while now.

How could I possibly be accidentally ‘liking’ my own posts on my own website? Well, I certainly hadn’t done it deliberately but there the ‘likes’ were and I didn’t know how to get rid of them. I kept my fingers crossed no one would notice.

Clicking on the ‘like’ button on your own website once could be considered an accident, twice might be considered careless but it’s happened quite a few times. And then, I realised I’d accidentally ‘followed’ my own website. How had that happened? I wondered if that had been a factor, so I ‘unfollowed’ it and expected the ‘liking’ to stop. But it didn’t.

In the end, I came to the conclusion I’d been hacked and decided to change my password. But even that didn’t make sense. Who would bother hacking my account, just so they could ‘like’ my posts? It made no sense at all.

And then I realised. I’d logged into my WordPress account at my mum’s house, on her computer and had forgotten to log out. And Mum had been liking my posts!

So, thanks for ‘liking’ me, Mum!

I like you too!

And when I come over later, I’ll log myself out!

But really, I am lucky my mum does like my writing and want to support it. If you’d like to see her favourite book of all time (!), have a look for ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’, here and if you like what you see, it can be yours for less than £2.00.


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