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Mutant Cactus Makes a Bid for Freedom – #MuseItUp

Lobed cactus with a long protuberance

Lobed cactus in a bid for freedom

I’m not very good at growing ordinary house plants, probably because I forget to water them. So, cacti are perfect plants for me. All my cacti started out as miniatures which I grew in a terrarium and when they became too large, I transplanted them into pots. Several of them are about 3ft high and they all seem to be doing well although one of them is giving me cause for concern. It’s the one with lobes that’s almost filled the pot and has now put out a mutant, snake-like growth that is creeping along the floor towards the window, as if making a bid for freedom.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what to do with it. I’ve looked at the cacti in the Eden Project, Kew and Wisley but none of them seem to have a lobed cactus with a long protuberance. It would be cruel to chop it off just because it isn’t the norm, especially as I can see it’s in for a major disappointment. Imagine the shock when it thinks it’s finally achieved freedom, only to experience glass for the first time.

Have you got an escaping cactus?

What are you doing, or have you done about it?

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