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Mwuh! Mwuh!

Monkey looks rather cross

Kiss? I don’t think so, mate!

Do you find like me, that greetings and farewells can be a social mine field?

From a very young age, I remember the faces of real aunts and uncles (as well as the honorary ones,) filling my vision as they swooped in for a welcome or goodbye kiss. And I consoled myself as I wiped the lipstick from my cheek that no one kissed my mum or dad and that at some stage in the future, I would be exempt too.

But as I grew older, the custom of kissing seems to have become widespread. It’s not that I object but I just never know when I meet someone new, if a kiss is expected or – horror of horrors – might be rejected. And if the new person approaches and a kiss is obviously imminent, which cheek will it land on? Assuming, I’ve guessed the correct one, I then need to worry about how many kisses there will be. One cheek? Both cheeks? More than that?

Someone must surely come up with an answer. Perhaps there is an app somewhere I can download. Or perhaps people use some kind of code.

If you have a sure fire way of knowing and avoiding the embarrassment of bumped noses, please let me know. And if no such way of determining this kissing business exists, who’d like to propose one? I would think it would catch on. I’d certainly be interested.

Daffodil wasn’t greeted with kisses by the other scholars in Puckle’s School but it was still rather embarrassing as they stared at her and then giggled at her name. Only Josiah showed open hostility though. To find out more, click here to go to the Muse It Up Publishing website.


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