Having mentioned the Grey Monk yesterday, it reminded me of something that happened at St. Nicholas Church, at Halloween about nine years ago. There is a legend that if you […]

I must admit, the part of the book-publishing process I was most looking forward to, (beside the finished book, of course) was seeing the cover art. Muse It Up Publishing […]

What would you do if you were king and you knew your eldest son and heir was unfit to rule after you? And what about if his two brothers were […]

One of the things I’m often asked is where do I get the inspiration for my stories. Often, I can’t remember – it could be a random thought, an overheard […]

When I was fourteen years old, I went on a French exchange. Antoinette, the girl I was paired with,  lived on a farm in a small hamlet in Normandy, called […]

In the previous post, I talked about John Puckle, who left money in his will for a school to be set up to educate poor children of Laindon and Basildon. […]

Sharing What’s missing? You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out it’s the division sign. And it might well have been missing completely if it hadn’t been for […]