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Romance Books

I have several historical romances published by Linford Large Print Romance Library, many of which are set in Essex, UK.

A World War Two Trilogy is coming soon!

Wild Spirit - romance book
Wild Spirit

WILD SPIRIT – (Linford Romance Library)

It’s Rae’s dream to sail away across oceans on her family’s boat, the WILD SPIRIT – but in 1939 the world is once again plunged into conflict, and her travel plans must be postponed. When Hitler’s forces trap the Allies on the beaches of Dunkirk, Rae sails with a fleet of volunteer ships to attempt the impossible and rescue the desperate servicemen. However, her bravery places more lives than her own in jeopardy – including that of Jamie MacKenzie, the man she’s known and loved for years…

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Touched by Two Wars - large print romance
Touched by Two Wars

TOUCHED BY TWO WARS – (Linford Romance Library)

France, 1914: Isabelle and her mother are pleased to take in British soldiers as they pass through the countryside on their way to the front. But Isabelle’s attempt to comfort a distressed soldier leaves her with an illegitimate yet dearly beloved daughter, Madeleine. As Isabelle and her own mother struggle with the upkeep of Chateau Bellevais, another soldier, James, comes into her life – and out again. During the ensuing chaos of yet another war, Isabelle flees to England. Is it possible that she and James could find each other once more?

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A Touch of the Exotic - large print romance
A Touch of the Exotic

A TOUCH OF THE EXOTIC – (Linford Romance Library)

From India to war-torn London to a grand estate in Essex, Samira’s life is one of rootlessness and unpredictability. With her half-Indian heritage, wherever she goes, she’s seen as ‘exotic’, never quite fitting in despite her best efforts. To add to her troubles, her beauty attracts attention from men that she’s not sure how to handle. But when she falls for handsome RAF pilot, Luke, none of her charms seem to work, as it appears his heart is already bestowed elsewhere… 

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Welcome to Plotlands - large print romance
Welcome to Plotlands

WELCOME TO PLOTLANDS – (Linford Romance Library)

1930: Joanna Marshall lives with her beloved mother in the household of her somewhat less-beloved aunt, who wishes the pair of them gone. When her mother dies, a grief-stricken Joanna sees an opportunity to escape – Ma’s title deed to a rural patch of land. Welcomed into the Plotlands community, Joanna begins to make a new life for herself, and meets handsome solicitor Ben Richardson. But he wouldn’t be interested in an ordinary girl like her…would he?

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