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‘Touched by Two Wars’ – A Historical Romance

‘Touched by Two Wars’ – A Historical Romance

Touched by Two Wars - A historical romance
Touched by Two Wars

When I started writing the historical romance, ‘Welcome to Plotlands’, I only intended to write a short story to submit to a magazine. The Plotlands at Dunton in Essex and its history had fascinated me for many years and I wanted to try my hand at a romance set in that area, in the 1930s. I soon realised that ‘Welcome to Plotlands was not going to be a short story because I was having too much fun with the main character, Joanna Marshall!

By the time I’d finished, the story was long enough to submit to My Weekly Pocket Novels which I did and to my surprise and delight, it was accepted by editor, Maggie Swinburne. The Pocket Novel came out in May 2017 and was available for two weeks, after which, the rights reverted to me and on the recommendation of a fellow author, Roberta Grieve, I submitted to Ulverscroft Publishing, who accepted it and published as a large print paperback.

Welcome to Plotlands book cover
Welcome to Plotlands

I’d enjoyed writing about my character, Joanna, so much, I followed that with another story involving her and the Plotlands, entitled ‘A Touch of the Exotic’ which you can read about here.

A Touch of the Exotic book cover
A Touch of the Exotic

And that led to yet another romance that involves Joanna and is set in both Northern France and the Plotlands. It’s entitled ‘Touched by Two Wars’ which has just come out as a large print paperback, published by Ulverscroft Publishing.

Here’s what the blurb says: France, 1914: Isabelle and her mother are pleased to take in British soldiers as they pass through the countryside on their way to the front. But Isabelle’s attempt to comfort a distressed soldier leaves her with an illegitimate yet dearly beloved daughter, Madeleine. As Isabelle and her own mother struggle with the upkeep of Chateau Bellevais, another soldier, James, comes into her life – and out again. During the ensuing chaos of yet another war, Isabelle flees to England. Is it possible that she and James could find each other once more?

It’s now available on Amazon as a large print paperback which you can find here. Or why not support your local library and borrow it from there? You’ll find all three books amongst the large print romance books.

And if you read them, please leave a review on Amazon, thanks!

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