Memories of Barbados In 1989, I went on holiday to Barbados with Jamie and our eight-month old son. On our first day, Jamie walked into the sea and emerged several […]

A Question of Timing

A Question of Timing Everyone’s busy these days, so what could be better than a short story? Fewer than 2,000 words can be read relatively quickly – while you’re waiting […]

Visits to Gateway 97.8fm Radio I was recently very lucky to be invited to be on Basildon’s Gateway 97.9fm radio on two consecutive Wednesday afternoons with host Jacqui James and […]

Inspired by the Hooge Crater

Hooge Crater This was inspired by a recent visit to the Hooge Crater, scene of terrific fighting during the First World War, in Belgium, about four kilometres from the town […]

Football as a Bridge to Peace

Football as a Bridge to Peace. Football is many things to many people but I wonder if you’ve ever thought of it in connection with peace. The National Children’s Football […]

In Search of Roman London

In Search of Roman London. My cousin, Dave, and I love nothing better than to lose ourselves in London, wandering up cobbled streets and digging out all the history we […]