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Better as a Book – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Daffodil and the Thin Place 300dpiThe brief for the Muse It Up Publishing Sunday Musings for 7th September is:
I’ll go out and make the assumption…everyone I know has at some time said ‘book was better than the movie’ or ‘never should have been made into a movie’.
Which book do you think should never ever be…or should not  have been…made into a movie? Why?
Here’s my reply:

“The film I was most disappointed in was ‘Hogfather’ based on the book by Terry Pratchett. I have loved all the Pratchett books I’ve ever read but I think using my imagination to interpret the books is much more effective than watching somebody else’s interpretation. I feel quite disloyal saying that I wasn’t keen on ‘Hogfather’ as Terry Pratchett is one of my favourite authors. I wonder what he made of the film?”

Which film of the book do you think should never have been made?

If you want to know what the other Muse It Up authors thought, you can find out here on the Muse It Up Publishing website.

While you’re on the website, why not look up my ebook ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’. It’s on sale for about £1.80 and all profits will go to the renovation and upkeep of the 12th century church of St. Nicholas, Laindon and Dunton, Essex. You can find ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’ here #MuseItUp  #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

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