Knox Box of Miscellany

Dawn Knox – A rearranger of words into something hopefully meaningful…

D is for… Daffodil and Determined

Balinese girl fishing using her skirt

No net? No problem! All the boys had nets and were catching fish from the side of the lake but this little Balinese girl hopped in and used her skirt! That’s determination!

I’m not sure what’s worse, an apathetic teenager or a determined one! They both present challenges and I’m sure you have plenty of examples of both.

What type is Daffodil?

Well, she starts her story as someone who is afraid to get involved, but it’s not long, before she finds her tenacious streak.

“…My eyes fell on the bloodless face of Amelia, lying motionless by the oven. She was doomed and so was I, unless I rescued us both.

My legs had as much strength as soggy spaghetti but I’d have to do the final lap, even if I did it on all fours.”

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