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Essentials of Life – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Camden Lock15smlI’m off to the Invictus Games on Thursday 11th September and I’m really looking forward to it. Not that I’m a great sports fan but I’m going to enjoy watching men and women win, against all odds. I’ve watched a television programme about some of the competitors and have been so impressed at how they are seeking to overcome adversity and at their drive to succeed.

I spotted the sign in Camden Market, London and took a photo of it as I loved the sentiment –
Essentials of Life
Someone to Love
Something to Do
Something to Look Forward To

Everyone needs hope and sport has given many hope for their future. So I expect to thoroughly enjoy the Invictus Games and even to be inspired to achieve my personal best.

I usually promote my ebook at the end of each post but I don’t want to distract any thought from the Invictus Games and what it stands for, so today, I won’t!

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