F is for Fearful – DaFfodil and the Thin Place

Scary, sky high stunts at Goodwood Festival of Speed
Scary, sky high stunts at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The only fearful ones were the onlookers.

Being fearful isn’t such a bad thing. I bet the parents of the boys on the left wished their sons were a bit more fearful and wanted to keep both feet and wheels on the ground. But its a problem if fear gets in the way of doing something you’d really like to do.

Daffodil draws on inner strengths to overcome her fear. The voice recognises Daffodil’s fearlessness before she knows it herself and they have the following conversation:

“But that’s not how I thought life in the future would be at all! You sound like a shadow,” said the voice.

“What d’you mean?”

“It sounds like you’re only half alive.”

I thought about it and had to admit she was right.

“If you’re different from everyone else at school, then you get picked on. You can either stand out and get bullied or become invisible.”

“You are not behaving as though you are invisible here. You stood up to Josiah with much courage. I fear I rather misjudged you earlier when I compared you to mashed turnip. My first instincts at the wedding were right. You are strong.”

I’ll tell you on of the things that helped Daffodil to become more courageous next time or you can read it for yourself in ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’ here