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140511LembehRainforest26Admittedly, before I went to Sulawesi, Indonesia, I knew very little about tarsiers. Not least that one of the few areas of the world tarsiers inhabit, is Sulawesi. But they are now amongst my favourite animals.

Jamie and I went on a special trip to Tangkoko National Park in North Sulawesi in order to find one and our guide took us to about six different trees where they often appear. He spotted several but they were so high up, it was hard to see them and as soon as we got close, they shot further up the tree, out of sight. Finally, the light was going and we were about to head back when he saw one high above. I could just make out the enormous eyes shining in the gloom and I found him in the viewfinder of my camera. I fired off about a dozen shots although I wasn’t sure if he was still there, as my glasses had steamed up completely. So, when I got back to our resort and I downloaded the photos, I was amazed to see not one tarsier but two!

A case of FOGOF,  Find One, Get One Free!

‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’ is out tomorrow. It’s not an FOGOF but it’s still very good value and if you pre-order today here, it’s cheaper

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