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Old telephone

Our old telephone still used in the 1970s

During our recent tidy up at home, we found this old phone. If you look carefully, you can see the number on the disc including the telephone exchange – Basildon 45422.

It was almost an antique when we were still using it in the 1970s, as at the time, Trim Phones were all the rage (anyone remember Trim Phones?)

It would have been nice to resurrect this phone and use it but none of the other phones in the house would have worked with it and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been capable of handling the Internet!

So we packed it away and as I did so, I imagined using it to phone someoneĀ  from years ago. But who would I call?

Who would you call, if you had an old telephone which could put you through to someone from your past or beyond?

I decided I’d call my maternal grandmother, Florence Jacobs (nee Treweek) who died when my mum was three. She was only 32 years old when she died and I’d love to talk to her and ask her about her life and to tell her that Mum is well and that I have a son – her great grandson and how proud Mum and I are of him. I’d love to hear her voice.

I’d also like to talk to my grandfathers, neither of whom I knew although I was a few years old when my maternal grandfather died, so at least there are photos of us together. Both of my grandfathers served in, and survived the First World War and I’d love to ask them about their time in the trenches. Although I expect they’d be reluctant to talk about that part of their lives.

In my ebook ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’, Daffodil had a mobile phone in the Victorian times. Not that it was any use to her as a phone but it did come in handy at one point in the story. If you’d like to find out more, you can purchase the ebook here from the Muse It Up Publishing website. All profits from the sale of the ebook ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’ will go towards the renovation and upkeep of the ancient church of St. Nicholas, Laindon with Dunton, Essex where the story takes place. #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Florence Maud Treweek

Florence Maud Treweek – My Maternal Grandmother

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