In Praise of Unity

London Memorial of a Dove
Memorial in London. The top of the Shard can just be seen at the bottom of the dove’s wing

In Praise of Unity. I’m all in favour of diversity but it seems so sad when differences get in the way of us respecting each other.

Here’s something that occurred to me the other day. It’s written in 100 words.

Why? Well, I like the discipline of getting down an idea in exactly one hundred words – not a word more, not a word less.


Fragmented World

How often since the beginning of human civilisation

have groups of people broken away from their community,

calling themselves


and those they’ve deserted,


Like a jigsaw puzzle with increasingly smaller pieces.

Sometimes before we know it,

those who aren’t


are no longer referred to as


but simply


Countless wars have shown us the result of such fragmentation

and periodically, we recognise this and band together.

United we stand; divided we fall.

Until once again, we entertain thoughts of




And all the time, the jigsaw pieces decrease in size and grow in number.