More of Reg’s Puzzle – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Cuddling in the sea
Cuddling in the sea

Reg here again! Well, so far, no one has let me know they’ve worked out my puzzle, so here’s another example:

‘Dennis and Edna sinned’

And here’s another: ‘Niagara, O roar again’.

Got it yet?

Okay, here’s another ‘Some men interpret nine memos’.

The Old Girl says my picture is misleading because I don’t know if the people are called Dennis and Edna but I told her she needs to use her imagination. She says I also don’t know if they sinned but I just ignored her. Well, she doesn’t know everything.

Anyway, let me know if you’ve worked out my puzzle.

If you still don’t know, never mind. Seek consolation in a book. The Old Girl’s ebook is a good choice and you can find it here on the Muse It Up Publishing website. It’s called ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’. It’ll take your mind off my puzzle.

#MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace


  1. I found this one on the Internet. It may have been done with the help of a computer program.

    A man, a plan, a canoe, pasta, heros, rajahs, a coloratura, maps, snipe, percale, macaroni, a gag, a banana bag, a tan, a tag, a banana bag again (or a camel), a crepe, pins, Spam, a rut, a Rolo, cash, a jar, sore hats, a peon, a canal–Panama!

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