When No One is Listening…

No Voice

Tipping his head back, he screamed.

Pain, outrage and desperation embodied in that disturbing sound.

No one listened.

No one heard, because his shout was lost amongst so many other clamouring voices.

He wasn’t surprised or disappointed. At least he’d had the opportunity to speak.

Suddenly the crowd fell silent.

Only his voice rang out and once again, he laid bare his agony before all.

No one listened.

No one cared and he was devastated because he knew conclusively that although he’d been given the opportunity to speak, no one was interested.

He realised he had no voice at all.


  1. You have been heard.

  2. That is sad and very profound.

    1. It wasn’t until last year that I had a glimpse of what it’s like to be unheard. It made me realise how awful it must be if that is how you spend your whole life.

  3. Just caught up with this post. Never give up shouting, it may seem like a hollow echo but you never know how many people are listening and wishing they had the courage to shout. One day a new voice will join you to become a duo, a trio, a choir. Somebody has to start to change a situation, if that someone is you be proud, not sad.


    1. That’s a lovely and positive way to think of not being heard!

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