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People’s Friend Writer of the Week

People’s Friend Writer of the Week

People’s Friend magazine – 11th May 2019

I was lucky to have a story selected for People’s Friend magazine in the May 11th 2019 edition, entitled ‘At the End of the Tunnel’.

My story in People’s Friend.

Although it is a fictional love story, it was inspired by my time working in a Virology laboratory in the London Hospital, Whitechapel in the 1980s. Now the Royal London Hospital, of course, but it was renamed that, after I’d left in 1988.

To my surprise, as well as having a story in the 11th May edition, People’s Friend editor, Alan Spink, emailed me to say that I’d been selected as their Writer of the Week, on their blog. You can see the result by clicking here

Some time ago, on my way home from London, I stopped off at Whitechapel to take a trip down Memory Lane and was very surprised to find the building where I’d once worked, locked and ready for demolition, just as Penny, in my story, found it. You can read about my thoughts by clicking here.

In my story, I also mention the tunnel which ran between the Institute of Pathology and the hospital. One particular day I remember in the tunnel was when the Queen came to the hospital to open the Alexandra Wing. Of course, I wasn’t on the list of people who would meet or even see the Queen although we did receive a memo telling us how to behave and not to call her ‘Marm’! I didn’t give the whole event much thought and that evening, I was surprised to see the hospital garden was packed full of people and I realised I was going to have difficulty getting into the main building and out the other side, so I thought I’d take a shortcut down into the tunnel,  intending to come up near the laundry in the main building, hoping to avoid the crowds. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, people were coming towards me and I was asked to stand by the wall and wait. Seconds later, Queen Elizabeth came walking along with her entourage! I’m not sure where she was going but she was only a few feet from me when she passed. I’m also not sure anyone in my lab believed me the next day when I told them who I’d bumped into in the tunnel. I scarcely believed it myself!

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