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Reg's selfie in the Talayotic Necropolis
Reg’s selfie in the Talayotic Necropolis

Sorry about the delay in continuing my account of Menorca, it’s certainly been a while since I dlogged. And I’d also like to apologise for the smell of burning. Don’t panic, it’s not your Internet-enabled device, it’s me – more precisely, it’s my paws. I’ve been typing furiously, trying to keep up with all my writing obligations and my paws have been a blur over the keyboard. As a fellow writer, I thought the Old Girl would understand but she wasn’t very sympathetic and pointed out that if I didn’t type so fast, I wouldn’t get friction burns. But as I explained, when the creative juices are flowing, you have to get your ideas down quickly before you forget them. She still wasn’t convinced and told me that
a) I need to learn how to type
b) I need to learn how to spell
c) I need to learn how to read before I can attempt my best seller. I ask you! What does she know? Some people are just so negative. Anyway, it’s made me lose my train of thought so while I wait for some inspiration for my best seller, I’ll tell you a bit more about my trip to Menorca. It’ll also give my paws a chance to recover from Fiction Friction.

Talayotic Necropolis at Cala Morell
Talayotic Necropolis at Cala Morell
The Old Boy not being very impressed
The Old Boy not being very impressed
View from inside one of the caves
View from inside one of the caves

In my last post, which you can see here, I told you a bit about the Talayotic settlement of Talati de Dalt but the following day, we visited another Talayotic site at Cala Morell. This wasn’t so much a settlement where people lived, as a necropolis where dead people also didn’t live. It’s made up of a group of about 14 caves that have been carved into the rock of a ravine and was used from Pretalayotic times to the second century AD. There’s nothing the Old Girl likes more than wandering round a historic site, imagining what life was like years ago but unfortunately, the Old Boy and Young’Un aren’t quite so easily enthralled and all they seem to see is a pile of rocks or a cave. Oh well, we can’t all be writers, can we? By the way, I’ve just had a good idea for my best seller. It’s a thriller about a very handsome and charming dog, called Rog. He travels to Menorca on a holiday and visits a Talayotic burial site.
What d’you think so far?
Yes, I thought it was good too.
Anyway, I’ve given my paws a rest from Fiction Friction, so I might just go back to my story and tell you about my new friends in the zoo next time.

Oh, by the way, on 20 June 2015, it was the first anniversary of the Old Girl’s ebook ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’. I can hardly believe it’s been out a whole year. And what’s more, it may be coming in paperback soon, so watch out for that but in the meantime, if you want the ebook, click here to go to the Muse It Up Publishing site or go to your favourite ebook retailer. You’ll be glad you did.

And if you’re a writer, please let me know how you avoid Fiction Friction…