Sunday Musings for 28th December 2014 #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Daffodil and the Thin Place 300dpiHere’s Chris’s question for today:

Sunday December 28th…the craziest, silliest, most fun gift you ever received…gave?

Here’s my answer:

I used to work in the ICT department of a senior school and each year, I wrote a ‘play’ with parts for all my friends. It wasn’t the sort of play that could – or would – ever be performed because the scenarios were all so absurd but there was an element of truth in each of the parts and sometimes things that had really happened throughout the year cropped up in a fantastical way.

Here’s a snippet of one that was entitled ‘StrICTly Not Come Dancing’


The conversation carries on for several hours.

Dawn1 – I’m hungry

Dawn2 – So’m I

Sharon – Oh no!

All – What is it?

Sharon – It’s nearly midnight and I haven’t completed my 10,000 steps for today!

All – And?

Sharon – Everyone needs to do 10,000 steps each day. Right, on your feet and follow me!

Everyone jogs round the room after Sharon

Sharon – Now, everyone sing after me like American GI’s

We’re the staff of ICT

All – We’re the staff of ICT

Sharon – We’re all trapped in 213

All – We’re all trapped in 213

Sharon – Students have just locked the door

All – Students have just locked the door

Sharon – Help! We’re stuck on the second floor

All – Help! We’re stuck on the second floor

Sharon – We will jog our cares away

All – We will jog our cares away

Sharon – We will all run 20K

All – Sharon can run the 20K

Sharon – We must do 10,000 steps


Sharon – Pant, Gasp! Where did everyone go?

Dom – Isn’t it amazing how many people you can get under one table?

Jo – What’s that in my ear?

Rob – I think it’s my foot. Is it safe to come out yet? I’m getting cramp and I’m eyeball to eyeball with a rather grotty lump of chewing gum.

Sharon – Seven thousand and three, seven thousand and four…

Dom – No, she’s still got two thousand ninety six steps to do. Trust me, it’s preferable being origami-ed up under here than out there. If she catches sight of us, it’ll be 100 press-ups each – and that’s for starters.

Dawn2 – We’ll have to think of something soon. Dawn1 has turned blue.


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