Sunday Musings for 30 Nov 2014 – #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

Daffodil and the Thin Place 300dpiHere’s Chris’ Sunday Musings question for Sunday 30th November, “What do reader responses mean to you…?

I haven’t had a great many responses to ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’ but here is my answer:
So far, I’ve only had good reviews for ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’. All the responses have all been unsolicited, so I’ve been thrilled.
I get a bit embarrassed if people tell me face to face but I still really appreciate it. I can’t bring myself to ask anyone what they think of the book as I always assume if they like it they’ll tell me and if they don’t they’ll keep quiet. However, I’m prepared for people to respond negatively at some point and I tell myself that it’s just a matter of taste and if someone doesn’t like my book, that’s fine, but when it happens, I know I will be hurt.
On 6th December, the first script that I’ve ever written for a dramatisation¬† will be performed and I imagine that I will be able to see people’s responses in their faces! That’s going to be interesting!”

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If you’d like to read ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’, it’s available as an ebook and you can find a copy here at the Muse It Up Publishing site #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace