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The Basilwade Chronicles

cover art for The Basilwade Chronicles
The Basilwade Chronicles

The Basilwade Chronicles – Several years ago, I wrote a short story to read out at the Basildon Writers’ Group which meets each month. My story involved a socially inept, rather tactless man called Derek Carruthers who decided to go speed dating. At that event, he met a woman called Mary Wilson whose mother had insisted she try speed dating to find a husband. Mary wasn’t keen but went to keep the peace. Unfortunately, Derek and Mary didn’t exactly hit it off!

I enjoyed the two characters so much, I wrote another story about them and since I’d introduced a next door neighbour, Florrie Fanshawe, my third story, was about her and her Knit and Natter Club. Each month I took at least one character from the previous story and wrote them a new tale until the final chapter which you can see from the cover art involved a wedding – but not Derek Carruthers and Mary Wilson’s!

Gill James of CafeLit, Bridge House and Chapeltown Books published one story per month, concluding with ‘The Perfect Wedding’ on her CafeLit site. Links to the previous stories appear at the end. Eventually, once I’d finished, Gill agreed to publish the collection as a Kindle version and a paperback – THE BASILWADE CHRONICLES was born! As I write this, it’s only available as a Kindle book which you can see here on UK Amazon and US Amazon but the paperback will be available shortly.

The artwork was created by artist Neill C Woods, who read the manuscript and superbly interpreted many of the characters who appeared in the stories. I approached Neill to find out if he would be interested after seeing the cover art of ‘The Oui Trip’ written by another member of the Basildon Writers’ Group, David O’Neill which I thought was fantastic. Happily, Neill agreed to work on my story.

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