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The Day After Father’s Day

James and MumIt’s so easy to take your mum for granted.

Those of us lucky enough to have the Best Mum in the World, grow up knowing she’s always there to encourage, mop up tears and make things happen as if by magic. She shows you how to treat those around you – how to be loving, kind and thoughtful.

If your mum is anything like my mum, there’s one thing she wont have done and that’s to teach you that she is a person too, with wants and needs – someone who craves love and needs your respect. It’s a mark of how selfless she is and how shortsighted I am that it took me longer than it ought, to recognise this. She’d always make sure I understood to whom I should show gratitude and always avoid mentioning herself. Of course, I knew she was wonderful but knowing and recognising are sometimes two different things.

It’s so easy when you’re young to take note of all the things your mum tells you and to assume that’s the definitive list. I guess it takes maturity and experience to realise there might be something missing and that thing is your mum’s name, which should be at the top of that list.

So, following on from Father’s Day yesterday, when I celebrated my dad, and being aware that this blog wasn’t in existence when it was Mother’s Day, here’s my tribute to my mum.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mum. You are very precious to me. Happy Day After Father’s Day.

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  1. Thank you Dawn for both tributes (not a dry eye in the house) because you have been adorable, lovable and such a great pleasure since the moment that you were born. You are very precious to us both and we love you very much. XX