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The Final L is for Lively and Lucky – DaffodiL and the Thin Place

Mayflower Morris Men It hasn’t been a great summer for English sport so far, but here’s something we excel at – Morris dancing! The chaps on the left are the Mayflower Morris Men, from Billericay, Essex and I had the opportunity to photograph them a few days ago. Apparently, the Morris is an English traditional male ritual dance associated with the bringing of luck, with the fertility and regeneration of the soil as well as the promotion of the cycle of the seasons.

As it’s the last letter of ‘Daffodil’ today, I’ve picked two words – ‘Lively’ and ‘Lucky’. The Mayflower Morris Men are both lively and lucky! If their dances bring luck, then hopefully everyone who was there took a bit home too.

Daffodil is both lively and lucky. And it’s just as well, because when you’re alone in a graveyard with a group of grave robbers, you need to be both.

“Whether it was the thought that I was crouching amongst venomous snakes or the fact that I was a few metres from two men, one of whom had a spade and wasn’t afraid to use it, I realised my legs were now seeing sense and were listening to orders from my brain. Or perhaps they just took things into their own hands, as I’m sure my brain would have told them to wait until the men were back with the others before I ran. But my legs decided enough was enough and springing up, they carried me as fast as they could along the north wall.

I took them all by surprise, but within an amazingly short time, they’d recovered and were running after me.

“Run!” screamed Amelia.”

If you want to read more and find if Daffodil really got away, you can find the book ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’ here

And if you want to see the Mayflower Morris Men for yourself, have a look here

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