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Utmost Respect and Gratitude to Those Who Served…

One of the Military Graves in St. Nicholas Churchyard

One of the Military Graves in St. Nicholas Churchyard

June 6th 1944 D-Day

Who can fail to be moved by the heroism and bravery of those who took part in the D-Day landings, seventy years ago today?

The words ‘heroism’ and ‘bravery’ don’t even begin to do justice to the troops who landed on the Normandy beaches and liberated northern FranceĀ  – or to those who died in the attempt.

How can mere words even begin the thank and honour all those who were involved in such an amazing endeavour?

How can you fully describe the determination and sacrifice or convey the terror and desperation of the battles or even the elation of victory?

The truth lives only in the memories of those veterans who were there and will continue to do so until they join the comrades, whose faces are forever young in their thoughts.

The only tribute I can offer everyone who was involved – from conception to liberation – is to REMEMBER, in the hope that men and women are never called on again to lay down their lives to win freedom, justice and peace from oppressors.


Will you?


  1. I will remember!
    Heather G – The Natasha Saga

  2. Always.

    My uncle (who was short but incredibley strong!) landed at Normandy and fought his way across Europe, using his bazooka to good effect on a number of German tanks. He spent the Battle of the Bulge freezing in his sleeping bag, surrounded by a German army that never knew that if they’d sent soldiers into the American area, they could have captured virtually the entire army. (Such is the power of fate, methinks.)

    He and my aunt went over for the 50th anniversary celebration and reported that the French were so grateful that they wouldn’t let them pay for anything.

    While he never talked about his war experiences, it did change his diet. After he came back, he would never eat a steak unless it was almost charred black. Only thing we can figure is they must have gotten some badly-undercooked (or rotten) meat one time between battles, and he wasn’t about to repeat that experience!