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‘Wild Spirit’ a New Romance

My latest romance, ‘Wild Spirit’ came out at the beginning of August, published in large print by Linford Romance Library.

It’s part of the Plotland Saga Series of books which are mainly set in Essex although in this book, the heroine, Rae, starts life in Sussex. The previous books in the series are:
“Welcome to Plotlands”, “A Touch of the Exotic” and “Touched by Two Wars”

Information about all three can be found here and can be purchased here in The Reading House. They are also available on Amazon but prices can be much higher than in The Reading House – although very occasionally much cheaper too, so it’s worth a look! You can find my Amazon Author’s page here with all my books. And perhaps a better idea might be to support your local library and borrow a copy from there. If you’ve read “Welcome to Plotlands” and you remember the character Joanna Richardson who moved from East London in 1930 to the Plotlands of Dunton in Essex – Rae, the irrepressible, heroine of “Wild Spirit”, is Joanna’s second cousin.

Blurb: “It’s Rae’s dream to sail away across oceans on her family’s boat, the WILD SPIRIT – but in 1939 the world is once again plunged into conflict, and her travel plans must be postponed. When Hitler’s forces trap the Allies on the beaches of Dunkirk, Rae sails with a fleet of volunteer ships to attempt the impossible and rescue the desperate servicemen. However, her bravery places more lives than her own in jeopardy – including that of Jamie MacKenzie, the man she’s known and loved for years…”

There are three more romances linked to “Wild Spirit” coming out during the coming months – all set in World War Two.

During the research I carried out to write “Wild Spirit”, I was interested to learn that several of the ‘Small Ships’ which sailed to Dunkirk to rescue our troops, sailed from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. These included the cockleboats, the Letitia, the Endeavour, the Resolute, the Reliant, the Defender and the Renown which set off on May 31, 1940, at 00.30 hours, travelling across the Channel with a convoy commanded by the Navy. Read more about the brave cockle fishermen from Leigh who rescued many of our troops here. Tragically, the Renown went over a mine and her crew of four were killed in the explosion.

There is an excellent museum in Leigh-on-Sea which is well worth a visit, with a fisherman’s cottage furnished as it would have been during past times with its fishing nets hanging in the stairwell!

Fisherman's nets hanging in stairwell
Fisherman’s nets hanging on the right of the stairwell of the period cottage

Interestingly, during my visit, I took the following photograph which looks like it might well have been taken in the same place as the photo on the cover, although, of course, in my picture, the tide is out! What do you think?

View of Leigh-on-Sea

If you read “Wild Spirit”, I’d be thrilled if you’d leave a review on Amazon to let me know what you think. Thanks.

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