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You’re Too Late…

Poster with 'You're too Late' told in 100 words

You’re too late…

You’re too late…

Is there anything sadder than hearing that? Perhaps… but it must rate highly for sadness.

You’re too late.

So final.

Too Late

‘You’re too late.’

Is there any sentence sadder than that?

‘You’re too late.’

No appeal. No second chance. Just finality.

Sometimes there’s no warning that a deadline is looming. We’re unexpectedly caught out having believed that we would have plenty of opportunity to fulfil our obligations or take evasive action.

 Sometimes, there’s clear indication that time is limited and that we need to respond appropriately. If we ignore these occasions, we can hardly complain.

But it’s still a shock to learn that we’ll never have the chance to go back and put things right.

It will always be too late.


  1. This is too sad, and made me think of someone dying, and then I had trouble getting away from that image.

    Perhaps there are occasions when we deliberately make ourselves late for something we don’t want to do, and then we could be happy, not sad.


  2. Sometimes being “too late” is a way to avoid conflict or pain, to avoid what one fears would be a final break?