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A Talented Charlie

Daffodil and the Thin Place 333x500

I must admit, the part of the book-publishing process I was most looking forward to, (beside the finished book, of course) was seeing the cover art. Muse It Up Publishing assigned the cover artist, Charlie Volnek, to me and after filling in a form with details about the main character, setting, era and other relevant information, I waited with bated breath.

And I wasn’t disappointed! The only change I requested was that the monk’s habit was changed from the usual brown to grey to reflect the fact that he is known in the book as the ‘Grey Monk’. But other than that, I was thrilled. It really seemed to bring the whole book to life. I particularly liked the way she used a photo of St. Nicholas Church, giving it a hint of realism.

I looked up Charlie’s website and found some other fantastic cover art. Why not check out some of her designs here ?

And she’s an author too! How clever is that!

Daffodil and the Thin Place can be found here


  1. Great cover! I wish you the best of luck with the book.

  2. Hi Dawn, Charlie is responsible for both my MuseitUp covers. I love them both. Mariah’s Marriage and Bella’s Betrothal. Anne Stenhouse

  3. It’s a great cover! Charlie designed the covers for Natasha’s Hope and Natasha’s Legacy. She is the best. Love the change you made to your banner! Looking good! Best of luck with your upcoming release.
    Heather G – The Natasha Saga

  4. What a brilliant cover! Charlie also did the artwork for my two novels – The Silk Romance and The Antique Love – and they’re gorgeous. She’s great to work with. Best of luck with your release!

  5. What a great cover! Charlie has done 2 covers for me at Muse, and 1 for a self-published title I just released. She is amazing to work with and has a knack for capturing the heart of your story. Congrats, Dawn!

  6. I’m with you on praise of Charlie, Dawn. She’s done both my covers and they’re awsome. People always comment on how much they like them. Good luck with the book.

  7. Charlie did one of my Muse covers, “Cop with a Wand” A very nice job.

  8. Great cover. Charlie always does a great job. She did my cover of Ghostly Clues

  9. Great cover. I really like the grey monk. I walked past St Nicholas Cathedral in Bari, southern Italy, twice, not knowing its historical significance. I lingered in front of it, but had I known St Nicholas was buried there I would have insisted on going in, because he plays a significant role in my novel. The trouble was my 2 travelling companions were all cathedralled out by that stage. And we were there for a week. I so regret that. Does this church feature in your novel?

    • Hi Wendy,
      What’s the name of your novel? Yes, the church is the setting for the whole story, both in the current century and the 1800s. It’s the ‘Thin Place’ of the title. I just love the history of the church building and the Priest House which is attached and was first used as… well, a priest house! But later it became a charity school for the local children. I love the idea that John Puckle, a local farmer, left money in his will to educate poor children – both boys and girls, which seems to me to be very far-seeing for a man who died in 1617. Go John Puckle, I say! Money from his will is still in trust today and goes to local schools although I don’t suppose it has quite as much value as it did in the days when it funded a whole school. If you want to see more, there is some history on the church website

  10. Hi Dawn, I’m also a MuseItUp author. Charlie made the cover for Visions, the second book in The Nightmares Series. She did such a wonderful job. I gave her a description of what I would like on the book, a blond little girl, an old abandoned barn surrounded by trees and a large Rottweiler. It’s perfect. I can’t wait for the release sometime in August. The first book of the series is Nightmares, but that cover was made by another artist.

  11. Charlie is great! She worked with me on my book trailer for IF I COULD BE LIKE JENNIFER TAYLOR. You can see it on YouTube and on my website:
    She was so easy to work with.