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The Mysterious Grey Monk

church at nightHaving mentioned the Grey Monk yesterday, it reminded me of something that happened at St. Nicholas Church, at Halloween about nine years ago.

There is a legend that if you go round the church three times at midnight, the Grey Monk will appear. Who the Grey Monk is, I’m not sure and no one else seems to know either (although if you know different, please let tell me!). I’ve no idea, why he would want to appear when someone goes round the church three times or what he’s likely to do once he’s materialised, but that didn’t get in the way of me making some details up for ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’!

I can’t remember anyone mentioning him during the last few years, so perhaps he’s faded from memory. But during the Halloween I referred to above, the legend was still alive. A group of us gathered in the church to make sure that nothing untoward took place in the grounds and to have a bit of a get together. Suddenly, there was quite a commotion outside the church and as the door flew open, a very flustered member of our congregation rushed in, looking very shaken. Apparently, he’d been walking up the stairs to the church in the fog that had enveloped the whole hill, when he’d seen some teenage girls in the graveyard. When they saw him, they started screaming about the Grey Monk and fled.

We could see at once, why the girls had been so afraid. Our friend, a rather tall chap, was wearing a grey duffel coat, with the hood up and as he materialised out of the mist, he must have looked as though he’d stepped out of another time!

If you’d like to find out the story I made up about the Grey Monk, you will be able to find it here Or if you fancy checking out the legend, please mind your step, it’s very dark up there at midnight and the ground is very uneven!

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