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A Tribute to All Teachers, Everywhere

4S Mrs Sillis

My class at Beal Grammar School for Girls, Ley Street, Ilford, Essex. Not a photo of Miss Joynes! 4S with Mrs Sillis.

At this time of year, students in the UK are nervously sitting exams. It’s a worrying time of year for their teachers too, who spend most of the academic year getting to know their students and trying to provide them with everything they need develop into well informed, independent-thinking, model citizens. And that’s a pretty tall order! Now all the teaching and support staff can do, is to watch and wait, with fingers crossed. But despite the odds, so many teachers seem to perform miracles and I wonder if sometimes, in the flurry to leave school after exams and relax over the summer, students don’t always acknowledge their teachers’ efforts during the previous months.

I’ve worked with many fine teachers and support staff and I would like to take this opportunity to salute them and many others who have had a positive influence on young minds.

And after writing about Mr. Hornsby, the last school master of the St. Nicholas Church School, here, I began to think of my  own school days. Coincidentally, I have just joined a Facebook group of people who grew up in Ilford, Essex and the surrounding areas in the 1960s and 1970s, which prompted me to search for some old school photos, (see above) and to remember my teachers.

And then, the topic for the Sunday Musings blog on the Muse It Up Publishing website, was… drum  roll… Your Favourite Teacher.

So, my thoughts have been very much with school and teachers for a few days.

In fact, I don’t think I had a favourite teacher but the one I probably remember most (other than a really scary maths teacher) was my English mistress, Miss Joynes, who later became Mrs. Hasler, when she married my Physics master. If you fancy reading what I wrote about her and what the other Musers wrote about their teachers, you can find it here

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