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Hmm, Let Me Think…

Monkey thinking

One of the things I’m often asked is where do I get the inspiration for my stories. Often, I can’t remember – it could be a random thought, an overheard conversation or something that makes me ask ‘What if something hadn’t happened like that?’.

For ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place,’ there are lots of things that prompted me to put the story together, such as learning the concept of ‘thin places’ and finding out the history of St. Nicholas Church. But something I do remember, is a visit to an elderly relative.

The maiden aunt was convinced her next door neighbour was eavesdropping through the wall and urged us all to speak quietly in case our conversation was overheard. Of course we all obliged, not wanting to upset the aunt but when my stomach started rumbling, I began to wonder if the next door neighbour could hear it. An absurd notion but it started to amuse me. I wondered if the neighbour could hear the grumbles, what did she think my stomach was saying? And then I began to ask myself whether my stomach actually ever said anything. Which led to, do stomachs hold conversations and if so, what do they chat about?

I’m none the wiser but it did give me the opening to the book! Find out more here

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