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Extraordinary Trailer or Trailer for Extraordinary!

Trailer for the book Extraordinary

Trailer for the book Extraordinary

Extraordinary trailer or trailer for Extraordinary! Well, whatever it is, it’s available now on You Tube here.

Each slide represents one of the eleven stories in the book.

Extraordinary by Dawn Knox

Extraordinary by Dawn Knox


For Sale: A rare opportunity to acquire this unique property, located in one of the most sought-after areas of the solar system…

The Game

Soon, the Master will invite Greer to a start a new game, but the signs indicate a change is coming.

A Hell of a Time

Has the afterlife been misrepresented? Matthew Norris is about to find out.

Leave it to Lester

Lester prides himself on serving Master diligently, until strange concepts creep into his mind. What are ‘fairness’, ‘independence’ and ‘freedom’?

To Sleep – Perchance to Live

A rescue trip to a scientific space station to repair the communication system should have been a straightforward assignment…

The Four Riders of the Apopalycse Apocalypse

If only Fritz, the angel, hadn’t been so gullible… If only his colleague, Leonardo, hadn’t been a prankste

The Way of the Obtectus

As far as Edgar Johnson was concerned, Jocelyn was the perfect nurse. No one else would do for what he had in mind.

In Need of a Fairy Godmother

Aria can only keep the evil inhabitants of Wharf Street away from the vulnerable woman for so long before disaster strikes.

Solid as a Rock-Mate

Martin has a wife with a ticking biological clock and a fondness for luxury. When he is made redundant, he knows he needs a miracle.

Henry’s Box

Only Henry is sufficiently optimistic to believe he can find something remarkable in an empty cardboard box.

Most Precious

She’d led the women away to the safety of their temple but had the seven goddesses deserted them?

Extraordinary is available as a paperback and ebook from Amazon here

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