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Talking Stories on East London Radio

Talking Stories on East London Radio

Talking Stories on East London Radio

I recently contacted Tony Cranston from Talking Stories on East London Radio. I’d seen an article about him in ‘The Woman Writer’, the Society of Women Writers and Journalists quarterly magazine, asking for people to record their stories or poems and send them to him. It said that recordings on smart phones or tablets would be suitable, so I set up my iPad and started reading from my book, ‘The Great War – 100 Stories of 100 Words Honouring Those Who Lived and Died 100 Years Ago’.

I finished recording one story (it didn’t take long because the stories are only one hundred words long!) and then tried to find it on my iPad so I could email it to Tony. After puzzling for quite some time, I  resorted to Google, only to find that the app I’d chosen, allowed you to play recordings back but not to upload to anything else! I downloaded a different app and after a quick trial, I ascertained that it would allow me to upload the files. The only thing it didn’t seem to let me to do was delete any recordings. I intended to record six stories but by the time I’d finished, I had eighteen recordings – six reasonable ones and twelve failed ones. You’d think I’d be able to manage to read out one hundred words without tripping up but apparently, I can’t. Of course, I wasn’t helped by my phone which received a text half way through one recording and an ice cream van playing ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ outside the house during another.

Anyway, Tony liked the stories and although I’d sent him six so that he could choose the one he liked best, he played all of them on his show on 17 November 2017. You can hear the podcast here on East London Radio Mixcloud

You can find Tony on Facebook or email him on if you would like to send him a recording of a short story or poem. If you do, don’t forget to turn your phone on silent, take the house phone off the hook and keep your fingers crossed the ice cream van isn’t on its way!

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