Knox Box of Miscellany

Dawn Knox – A rearranger of words into something hopefully meaningful…

Is Anyone Listening?

Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

If you are wondering the same thing, here are 100 words just for you.

We Wait

We looked to you for reassurance.

We appealed to you for justice.

We sought your help and support.

Where else could we turn?

We poured out our hearts to you in anguish using words that expressed our dismay and disbelief.

And then we waited.

And waited.

We tried again – surely somebody had listened?

Surely somebody had heard us?

Questions were asked and information was gathered but still there was no reply.

Does your lack of response indicate a lack of interest?

Or perhaps disbelief in our words?

Will you wait until the last of us has slipped silently away?



  1. That is simply beautiful dawn 🙂

  2. Really rather wonderful.
    In a hundred words a less poetic reply.

    ‘I’ is all I know
    The ‘I’ that listens to me when no other does.
    Is this question perverse, in reverse?
    Why don’t I listen to other ‘I’s?
    Are they boring? Hard to understand? Mundane? Frivolous?
    But I do listen if other ‘I’s are annoying, funny or affect my life.
    And I listen if I love or hate.
    Sadly, I often ignore ignorable people.
    To make other ‘I’s listen they must love you, hate you, be annoyed or perceive you as a threat to their lifestyle.
    Sometimes, a message needs many ‘I’s to amplify, to make waves.
    To be heard.