A Sort of Beauty Tip

A Sort of Beauty Tip.

Bottom - 'small,' round brush. Top - even smaller, round brush (gentleman's quiff brush) - My beauty tip
Bottom – ‘small,’ round brush. Top – even smaller, round brush (gentleman’s quiff brush) – My beauty tip

It’s not often I have a beauty tip to share. And to be fair, this isn’t exactly a beauty tip at all, particularly if you don’t have short, straight hair. But if you do, it might be worth passing on.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally left my rather disgusting-looking hairbrush in a hotel room. It was round with a very small diameter and was the one that I use when I blow dry my hair.

No problem, I thought, I’ll buy another one and it’s probably about time I did. I was in Switzerland at the time and we stopped at a supermarket to get one. They had a lovely selection but nothing as small as the scruffy one that I’d lost. But needs must…

No problem, I thought, I’ll get a small one when I get home. But I couldn’t find anything in the local shops which was similar to my lost brush.

No problem, I thought, I’ll go online. I’ll have the world at my fingertips. There must be a small, round brush somewhere. But strangely, no, there wasn’t. There were plenty of brushes described as ‘small and round’ but they simply weren’t small enough.

Finally, I stumbled across the very thing that I wanted on Amazon but it wasn’t a small, round brush, it was a gentleman’s quiff brush! And it’s perfect.

So, if you, like me, have short, straight hair and you want a small, round brush – actually, you don’t. You want a gentleman’s quiff brush.

Okay, admittedly, not much of a beauty tip compared to all the other hints that are available online. But then if you’d overheard two conversations in my house – one many years ago and one only three days ago – you’d understand why I’m not the best person for any sort of beauty advice.

A conversation which took place many years ago after I’d had a makeover and a photoshoot with a friend:

My Beloved: I thought you were going to have your photo taken?

Me: Yes, I did.

My Beloved: I thought they were going to give you a makeover.

Me: (through gritted teeth) They did.


A conversation that took place last Saturday:

My Beloved: Ooh, your eyes look very red.

Me: Do they?

My Beloved: Yes, but they’re not bloodshot like usual, they’re red all round the rims.

Me: Are they?

My Beloved: Yes and they’re puffy too. Yes, they’re really red and puffy.

Me: (rushing to mirror) Are they? They don’t feel puffy.

My Beloved: Or, it could be make up. Perhaps it’s make up. But they do look red and puffy.

Me: (through gritted teeth) It’s make up.


So, you see, beauty tips from me are probably not worth a great deal.


  1. I actually need one of these to do my little quiff, so a great tip. Thanks 🙂

    1. Who’d have thought so many people have quiffs that someone has made a special brush?!

  2. I think I should congratulate your ‘beloved’ on only making two facial faux pas in several years. My record lamentably exceeds that, although I don’t restrict myself to my ‘beloved’. Last week my Daughter in law had her hair cut short.
    ‘What on earth happened to your hair ?’ Didn’t go down too well.

    1. Ha ha! Oh Colin! Honestly!
      But they weren’t the only two such conversations, I can assure you! Just two of many with my Beloved!

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