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A Sort of Beauty Tip

A Sort of Beauty Tip.

Bottom - 'small,' round brush. Top - even smaller, round brush (gentleman's quiff brush) - My beauty tip

Bottom – ‘small,’ round brush. Top – even smaller, round brush (gentleman’s quiff brush) – My beauty tip

It’s not often I have a beauty tip to share. And to be fair, this isn’t exactly a beauty tip at all, particularly if you don’t have short, straight hair. But if you do, it might be worth passing on.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally left my rather disgusting-looking hairbrush in a hotel room. It was round with a very small diameter and was the one that I use when I blow dry my hair.

No problem, I thought, I’ll buy another one and it’s probably about time I did. I was in Switzerland at the time and we stopped at a supermarket to get one. They had a lovely selection but nothing as small as the scruffy one that I’d lost. But needs must…

No problem, I thought, I’ll get a small one when I get home. But I couldn’t find anything in the local shops which was similar to my lost brush.

No problem, I thought, I’ll go online. I’ll have the world at my fingertips. There must be a small, round brush somewhere. But strangely, no, there wasn’t. There were plenty of brushes described as ‘small and round’ but they simply weren’t small enough.

Finally, I stumbled across the very thing that I wanted on Amazon but it wasn’t a small, round brush, it was a gentleman’s quiff brush! And it’s perfect.

So, if you, like me, have short, straight hair and you want a small, round brush – actually, you don’t. You want a gentleman’s quiff brush.

Okay, admittedly, not much of a beauty tip compared to all the other hints that are available online. But then if you’d overheard two conversations in my house – one many years ago and one only three days ago – you’d understand why I’m not the best person for any sort of beauty advice.

A conversation which took place many years ago after I’d had a makeover and a photoshoot with a friend:

My Beloved: I thought you were going to have your photo taken?

Me: Yes, I did.

My Beloved: I thought they were going to give you a makeover.

Me: (through gritted teeth) They did.


A conversation that took place last Saturday:

My Beloved: Ooh, your eyes look very red.

Me: Do they?

My Beloved: Yes, but they’re not bloodshot like usual, they’re red all round the rims.

Me: Are they?

My Beloved: Yes and they’re puffy too. Yes, they’re really red and puffy.

Me: (rushing to mirror) Are they? They don’t feel puffy.

My Beloved: Or, it could be make up. Perhaps it’s make up. But they do look red and puffy.

Me: (through gritted teeth) It’s make up.


So, you see, beauty tips from me are probably not worth a great deal.