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Meet Babs and Deirdre

An introduction to Babs and Deirdre.

My latest book, THE MACAROON CHRONICLES, which is published by Chapeltown Books, is out now and you can find a copy of paperback or Kindle, here, on Amazon . Read more about the book here.

Deirdre or Babs
Either Deirdre or Babs
Babs or Deirdre character in The Macaroon Chronicles
Babs or Deirdre – one or the other!

Please allow me to introduce you to Babs and Deidre or Deidre and Babs. I have no idea which one is which. Although later in the book, Deirdre does something which makes it easy to distinguish her from Babs. 

But then Deirdre is a rabbit. And you know what rabbits do.

Babs, of course, is also a rabbit. However, in the book, she doesn’t do what rabbits do. Well, not that I know about, anyway. And if she does, she keeps pretty quiet about it.

Babs and Deirdre (or Deirdre and Babs) are both teenage rabbits with a penchant for social media and they often reduce life and its vagaries to hashtags. For example, if they were to suggest you buy this book, you might hear either of them utter, #TheMacaroonChroniclesRocks or #BuyThisBook or indeed, #GetYourCopyNow. 

#SeeWhatIMean? They are also keen on selfies and are probably well-known influencers on the Isle of Macaroon.They first meet The Three Wise Monkeys on the Custard River where Eddie, Brian and Colin are in a spot of bother in their hired boat, ‘The Saucy Tart’ and Babs and Deirdre perform a daring rescue. Their initial interest in The Three Wise Monkeys result in them appearing on stage alongside Brian, Colin and a very reluctant Eddie, and they earn the name the Jive Bunnies. Quite rightly so, and their good sense and hard work contributes to the friends’ joint enterprise on the desert island.
Their motto for life would be #FriendshipRules #FriendshipAboveAll #DeirdreAndBabsForever.

You can buy your copy of THE MACAROON CHRONICLES on Amazon, here in paperback and Kindle.

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