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Meet Gideon Guttle the Pig Spy

An introduction to Gideon Guttle the Pig Spy.

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Gideon Guttle character in The Macaroon Chronicles
Gideon Guttle – failed spy!

Please allow me to introduce Gideon Guttle.

Before I carry on, in the interests of health and safety, please be aware of every move that Gideon makes. If he fishes in one of his pockets – especially if he pulls out a pen, please take evasive action if you value your well-being and your life. As a spy – albeit one who failed his spying exams – Gideon had access to an extensive collection of espionage gadgets such as pens which fire poisoned darts, and others which contain special ink. His inability to distinguish between them contributed to him failing his Spying exams. Consequently, he’s just as likely to shoot you with a sleeping draft-tipped dart as to sign and give you a cheque whose amount will magically alter after he’s gone. 

Cultured and good natured, Gideon is the perfect gentleman in his elegant suit and bow tie but unfortunately, his outfit is smarter than his wits. He’s a later addition to the band of chums, however, Gideon is eagerly accepted for his occasional flashes of brilliance and his all-round good humour.

He now plays with The Three Wise Monkeys. Well, why not? The Three Wise Monkeys only contain one monkey, one lemur, two rabbits and a reluctant chicken – so why not a pig? And he’s an excellent flautist. Sadly, that’s a bit unnerving for the other band members, who duck whenever Gideon is holding anything which resembles a blow pipe, especially if they’re looking down its barrel.

Gideon’s motto for life would be: Friendship above everything, and try not to kill any friends by accident.

You can buy your copy of THE MACAROON CHRONICLES on Amazon, here in paperback and Kindle.

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