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Meet Brian the (small) Monkey

An introduction to Brian, the rather small monkey.

My latest book, THE MACAROON CHRONICLES, which is published by Chapeltown Books, is now out and you can find a copy of paperback or Kindle, here, on Amazon . Read the first chapter and hear a recording of the second chapter here.

I thought I’d let some of the main characters loose, so you can meet them. Small, but with a huge personality, is Brian…

Brian the monkey, character in the Macaroon Chronicles
Brian the monkey

Please allow me to introduce you to Brian. Brian is a monkey and if you comment on his diminutive size, you may notice his cute expression turn into a scowl because he doesn’t want to be known for being small. There’s nothing wrong with being small, of course, but try telling Brian that. 

Tiny in stature but his presence in the band of friends has huge significance because he’s often the voice of reason. And luckily, he doesn’t bear a grudge because otherwise he and Eddie would have parted company a long time ago – and that would’ve been a shame because he’d have missed out on all the Eddie-driven adventures and mayhem. 

Although Brian may never forgive Eddie for the nasty shock he received when Eddie got them jobs working for Leonora Da Finchy, a local artist. But I’m sworn to secrecy about that particular calamity. But here’s a tip – if you turn to the chapter entitled “Waxing Lyrical”, then you’ll see what I mean. And you can make up your own mind about how you’d feel if a friend allowed that to happen to you! But let’s not get distracted. I must mention Brian’s talent as a musician. He plays in a band with the others and let me tell you – he can drive the audience wild! And he’s also the most adventurous of the band and plays an important part in the friends’ joint scheme on a desert island, which Eddie, of course, claims is his idea.
Brian’s motto for life would be: Friendship above everything – especially with my mate Colin.

You can buy your copy of THE MACAROON CHRONICLES on Amazon, here in paperback and Kindle.