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Meet Eddie the Bald Eagle (who’s really a chicken)

An introduction to Eddie the Bald Eagle, (who’s really a chicken)!

My latest book, THE MACAROON CHRONICLES, which is published by Chapeltown Books, is now out and you can find a copy of paperback or Kindle, here, on Amazon . Read the first chapter and hear a recording of the second chapter here.

I thought I’d let some of the main characters loose, so you can meet them and typically, Eddie wanted to be first. So, here goes:

Please allow me to introduce you to Eddie. Although he thinks he’s the protagonist of THE MACAROON CHRONICLES, he’s actually just one of several main characters. However, with his inflated sense of self-worth, he believes he’s the star. 

Eddie the Bald Eagle, character in The Macaroon Chronicles
Eddie the Bald Eagle (who’s really a chicken)

And that’s not Eddie’s only misconception. If you were to meet him in person, he’d introduce himself as Eddie the Bald Eagle however, even the most short-sighted amongst us would very quickly spot that his avian heritage owes more to the Chicken family than it does to the Eagle’s. And sadly, Eddie is also under the delusion that he is an astute businessman – and a red-hot band manager. 

Please don’t tell him I said so, but his business and managerial skills are negligible. 

And his common sense – such that he has – often disintegrates the minute a contract is placed in front of him. He can’t see the small print for the zeros in the financial details. 

Well, so much for what Eddie isn’t. What is he? Many words spring to mind – conceited, over-confident, ruthless and disloyal – and yet his friends seem to follow him everywhere so they must find something lovable in the chicken masquerading as a bird of prey. And it’s not as if he means any harm – he’s just a bit impetuous – and reckless – and sometimes downright careless. 

Eddie’s motto for life would be: Friendship above everything – except making money. 

You can buy your copy of THE MACAROON CHRONICLES on Amazon, here in paperback and Kindle. and find out more about his adventures on and around the Isle of Macaroon.