One Hundred Worder Success – #MuseItUp

CafeLitGetting rejections is part of a writer’s life but occasionally, there are successes and sometimes unexpected successes too.

Yesterday, I had an unexpected success.

Last year I had two 100 word stories accepted by Cafe Lit and they appeared on the website. Great! It’s lovely to have your work accepted but I didn’t expect anything more, until yesterday when I received an email saying that one of them (I’m not sure which yet) will appear in a book entitled The Best of Cafe Lit 2013.  That was totally unexpected! The image on the left shows the first part of the list of authors who have had 100 word stories accepted, with mine at the bottom. I have two stories on the site but don’t know which one has been selected. If you’d like to read them, ‘Thee Little Words’ can be found here and ‘The Seasoned Traveller’ can be found here.

If you’re interested in submitting Flash Fiction, check out the submission details on the website. The story needs to be written in exactly 100 words and contractions are allowed. Once you’ve written your story, assign a drink to it and send a short bio. The best ones are published on the website here and you stand a chance of making it into the annual, paperback and ebook, The Best of 2014 (assuming there will be one next year, of course!) Here are the details from the site:

No theme — just that we like it to be thought-provoking. And we like quirky and different. We also don’t mind experimental.

 Be brave …

There’s something quite satisfying about telling a whole story in 100 words – it’s a challenge too!

If you would like to read something else that I’ve written and you would also like to support the renovation fund of St. Nicholas Church, Laindon with Dunton, why not buy a copy of the ebook ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’, which can be purchased here on the Muse It Up Publishing website or on any of the major ebook seller sites? The cost is approximately £1.80 and all profits will go towards repairing and maintaining a 12th century church. #MuseItUp





  1. Dawn, Your little stories are terrific. I’m guessing its “Three Little Words”, but the other one provides a nice punch also.

    1. Thanks Ken, that’s really kind! I quite enjoy the challenge of writing a story in 100 words. Have you ever had a go?

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