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The Oddest Title I've Ever Chosen!
The Oddest Title I’ve Ever Chosen!

The question for Muse It Up Publishing’s Sunday Musings this week is

How do you find your title? How important is the title?
What’s the silliest title you’ve ever started with…did you keep it?

Here’s my reply:

Usually, titles just pop into my head either while I’m writing a story or when I’ve finished. Occasionally, I have trouble deciding, and then I think of what encapsulates the story for me, whether it is one of the characters or a particular theme. I try to think of something appropriate involving that, using a method, such as a play on words.
I try not to give too much away in a title and to make it intriguing. In ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’, I used the protagonist’s name and the setting, which is something I wouldn’t normally do. A title such as ‘Mary in the Garden’ or ‘Peter in the House’ isn’t very exciting but I hoped that the girl’s unusual name and the use of ‘Thin Place’ would interest potential readers.
The strangest title I’ve ever chosen was a bit of a gamble because not only does it include a deliberate spelling error but that particular word has a strikethrough to show it’s incorrect and is followed by the correct spelling as if someone has crossed it out and corrected it. Thankfully, a publisher wasn’t put off by the title of ‘The Four Riders of the Apopalycse Apocalypse’ and he included it in an anthology of speculative fiction.

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