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Reggy McRegface

150312Hastings21Reg’s Dlog (Well, what else would you call a dog’s blog?)

The recent online poll to select a name for the Natural Environment Research Council’s new research ship, raised quite a lot of interest and I wondered if it would be a good way to find a title for my new book.
I’m writing a story about an incredibly handsome dog, called Rog, who’s uncannily like me, and also a member of the Secret Service. He starts out as a nightwatchman in a hotel and is recruited to help stop a multinational arms deal.
But I won’t give any more of the plot away.
I haven’t actually worked out what happens next, anyway.
So, I thought about calling it The Nightwatchman, but it didn’t sound very interesting and that’s when I had a brilliant idea. I would create an online poll – or rather – I’d somehow persuade the Old Girl to create an online poll for me, because to be honest, I haven’t got much idea how to go about creating anything online.

But now the public have chosen the name Boaty McBoatface, for the new research ship, I’m not so sure a poll is going to be the right solution.
It’s not that I don’t like Boaty McBoatface.
I do.
In fact, I can’t even say the name without laughing.
But a book about my stupendously handsome and suave character, Rog, needs a dignified name.

And Roggy McRogface doesn’t even come close.

PhotoFunia-1461270437Imagine how it will look when the film is out at your local cinema.
No, Roggy McRogface just wouldn’t be right.

It might be better simply to ask for suggestions and make it clear that as the author, I reserve the right to choose the title of my book. So, if you’ve got any ideas, please let me know. All entries will be considered.

But in the meantime, if you want a book with a sensible title, why not try the Old Girl’s DAFFODIL AND THE THIN PLACE? You can get it as an ebook from the Muse it Up Publishing site here and it’s available from other ebook retailers. You can also get it in paperback format from Amazon, here.

Well, it’s Reggy McRegface signing off for the evening – all this typing is giving me RSI.

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